by Exterminatus

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VENI VIDI VICI takes places in the Warhammer 40k Universe and follows the exploits of Warmaster Fenris. Dispatched by the Emperor God, Fenris must crush an Ork invasion on a distant planet. All while an ancient C'tan Stargod watches from the nearby mother star.

*This album is to be considered noncanonical fan fiction at best, we do not represent nor are endorsed by the creators of Warhammer. We just love the lore.

Please note that the $1 charge for the album goes towards paying for keeping this up on bandcamp, we don't profit from this whatsoever. If we set this album to free downloads we could only give out 200 copies before being charged to continue distribution. Any money made from those purchasing the album for more than $1 is considered strictly donations and not profit.



released August 23, 2013


Josh McHaffie [Dawning of the Inferno] - Vocals
Eli Slamang [Tortorex / Warlock Enforced] - Guitars
Max Sepulveda [Baryon] - Percussion (Live)
Sean Leask [Xenocide] - Bass
Tabreez Azad [Xenocide] - Guitars/Vocals

Tracks 3 and 8 composed by Kevin Madden [Konka]
Track 1 resampled by Kevin Madden [Konka]
Various other samples provided by Kevin Madden [Konka]

All guitar-based songs composed fully in Guitar Pro 5.2 by T. Azad
Drums programmed by T. Azad (GP5.2)
Bass recorded by T. Azad
Guitars recorded by T. Azad and E. Slamang
Vocals recorded by J. McHaffie and T. Azad

Produced by T. Azad and Andrew Baena
Recorded/Engineered/Mixed by A. Baena

Guest vocals by Mike Greenwood [AngelMaker] on SPORES, ORDERS TO VAPORIZE, and VENI VIDI VICI 1 and 2.

Guest vocals by Brian Storm [For Salvation] on VENI VIDI VICI part 1.

Guest guitar solo by Paul Ozz [Paul Ozz Music, Auroch] on VENI VIDI VICI part 1.

Guest guitar solo by Dean Lamb [Archspire] on VENI VIDI VICI part 2.

Guest Composer/Musician Kevin Madden [Konka] on STARDUST, D.L.M.A., ORDERS TO VAPORIZE, and VICTORY IN DEATH.

*Some samples used from



all rights reserved


Exterminatus Vancouver, British Columbia

Exterminatus - Death Metal from Vancouver, BC, Canada

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Track Name: Stardust
[Instrumental track]
Track Name: The Coming Storm
Stardust: all that we are,
connected to the warp.

D.N.A. that separates them;
Men and Orks.

One of spores, one of flesh.
Anatomically opposed.

Soon on a quiet planet
where a war will unfold.

Trickling down and ships en route
Many beings will die!

Not my concern, I just observe
for that is how I have survived.

Off in the sky
all over the star
I lay dormant and feed.

Two forces soon to collide
Let this story proceed.

Kill for the Waagh!
Kill for your Emperor God!
Kill to save your life!

That's what you are
Watching while I feast on the nearby star.

Visions of bloodshed!
Biosphere infected!
The coming storm grimaces with hate!

Spores that outnumber
land upon this helpless planet
to breed and replicate!

The animals and vegetation,
the humans of this world,
watch helplessly!

The Orks soon to clash arms
with their human counterparts
as all involved prepare to bleed!

Seen into the future.
This world out there will be destroyed.
Not by Orks.
But by Man; nature altered at will by human hands.

Engines: primed
Astronomicon: Aligned.
Battle ready: Confirmed.
Life-eater: Birthed.

Orks: hear me speak!
I am Warmaster Fenris, only one thing that I seek!
I do not care for your surrender, just die!
This world can never be yours, the storm has arrived.
Track Name: D.L.M.A.
[Instrumental/Ambient track]
Track Name: Spores
From the dark of space they come now
littering the soil with deadly spores.

Planetary defenses fail to
stop this invasion of Orks.

Humid wet plains of this land
breeding ground for whats to come.

Genetic memory of the green kind
to start building and amassing arms.

Dark days fall upon this place;
ecosystems in disarray!

The killing begins again.
Nothing ever changes, it's all the same!

They kill our mothers
and decapitate our sons.

What more to expect from savage beasts
with savage tongues?

They speak of domination,
yet they do not know.

Science and reason will come to this planet
and take control!

Mobs turn into warbands
and quickly into tribes.
Ork on ork violence crumbles and stops!

Weapons made from schematics
tucked away in their heads.
A warboss emerges to lead them to death...

[Mike Greenwood]
Faunic scum!

If the manifested beings do not kill you
you will succumb to death from inhalation.

Lungs, they decay.
As they grasp for their last oxygen intake.

Ooze and puss flourish forth with only one task...
Track Name: Orders to Vaporize
High Command: Commander Fenris...your orders are to vaporize.

Orders to vaporize, I know no remorse!
Fulfill the wishes of my emperor god.
M'lord: thy will be done, Warmaster of this crusade fleet.
I will go and prove my worth for that is the reward that I seek!

Sea of souls
part ways with sin
and let me pass!

Gellar field
protects us from you daemons that want us dead!

Navigators and their warp eyes
they see through the currents.

Our journey to crush the ork uprising on this planet begins!

Thousands of soldiers!
Battle hardened
through many wars!

No need for them!
For my intentions
allows the planet to fall!

Let the Orks have this singular moment
to account for what they have done!

For soon they will be non-existent!

Orders to vaporize!
Soon this world will feel all of my force!

No consideration for all the life
still trapped on this world filled with Orks!

Back again into our dimension;
hurtled through time and space.

Orks and their futile attempts
to attack us from the surface.

Brainless beings about to die,
purge them from this plain!

Roots of violence!
This world will be left as burning organic sludge.

You have failed the test of time.
A warhead measuring mere meters will be your demise!

Nothing can save you now.
From the stars death has come.
To neutralize this planet
and erase it from our thoughts.
Track Name: Axios
Destruction at hand!
Emperor's will!
God king has told me to rip apart this world!

Wipe clean the surface
of wretched Ork filth!
No shame, no fucking guilt!

Tainted lands filled with greenskins.
Why bother to salvage it?
Life rained down in the form of spores
to rape this beautiful planet.

Orks a plenty, time to kill them.
Conventional warfare: a waste.
Once this is all done and over with,
I will stand victorious.

Tainted lands filled with greenskins.
Why bother to salvage it?
Life rained down in the form of spores
to rape this beautiful planet.

All the creatures of this world,
their sacrifice my worth
Perish they will in the coming fires
for the greater good.

Warheads launched as per Exterminatus protocol.
Detonation a few seconds away.

Virus bombs fall gently towards the ground;
this world has seen the last of its days.

For I am Worthy!
This world has fallen under me!

The life-eater detonates.
With brilliant precision organics melt away.

Molecular bonds; disentangle fate.
Continents turn into sludge.

This battle over before it ever began.
Millions by millions, life on this planet falls!
Track Name: Sludge World
Foul stench of death emanates.
No more vegetation remains.
Only one shade of color left on this world,
the mighty sludge to forever dominate!

Planetary wind systems accelerate
the spread of this disaster brought on by the life eater.

Surface of this world no longer viable
for life to ever randomly reoccur

Death, it has come in a strange new way.
Ork flesh and moisture combine with the animals and plants to form homogeneous rapid decay!

Pain: there is none as covalent bonds disassociate.
Life: it breaks down into a uniform sludge-like state.

Slow moving and viscous
sticky thick sludge swallows this planet whole
all wither and die in its path!

C'tan: I am. I sit here on my star throne.
Entertainment in the form of childish interstellar war.

Humans; what a waste. Orks just as much.
While they measure their lives in centuries.
I will remain and watch this ball of sludge!
Track Name: Victory in Death
Track Name: Veni Vidi Vici Pt I [For the Emperor God]
Vidi !
I came I saw I conquered with speed!
Before me lays a land forever gone.

Adeptus Mechanicas please see to it that this world is

[Adeptus Mechanicas priest]
Can't be done!
Not this world.
Too far gone.
You've raped the essence within!

Cease and desist
Commander Fenris
or I will have you reported!

One with the sludge.
Forgive the actions of man that has transpired today!

For we are naive
to ever believe
that we can take life where every it may live!

Shut your mouth priest
I will rip out your tongue
and watch you scream in agony!
The emperor god himself hast thou blessed me!

Do not speak to me
as if I were a child!
I am a warmaster, I do as I please!
Let me enjoy my victory in peace...

Sludge gas compresses
forms a flame in the night!
This world set ablaze.
Fires in the sky!

Fires in the land!
and fires where there used to be
nothing but plenty of fish, organics and endless seas!

Apathetic senses watch
from another burning sphere
a few light minutes away!
C'tan domain...

The human fleet prepares to leave
this burning ball of sludge!
I, Star-Eater, will remain
until I too have conquered!

I came to see.
This star, this life giver
I feast from its teat!

I came to conquer!
To them an eternity, to me no time at all...

Finally, my time has come!
Wings spring forth to carry me!

Finally my time has come
to recount all that I've seen!

Finally my time has come
to scream my story to the warp!
But first one must travel back to the birth of our Universe!
Track Name: Veni Vidi Vici Pt II [For the Warp]
Diffuse light surrounds me
or is it utter darkness?
Nothing to compare to;
is this existence?

Hunger pangs embrace me!
In this void, am I alone?
A thirst grips me that I have never felt before!

Just out of my reach
I sense nourishment!
Only to my dismay
do I find that it Is taken!

They all ignore me
or are they dead?
Innumerable thoughts
account for me and only myself.

As a child,
I came wandering out of the ether.
All the other star gods had long disappeared.

Some sweet, some sour, some putrid with hate.
But this star I came to found had the perfect taste.

Speared my way in!
Untouched virgin!
No other C'tan has laid claim.

This star is mine!
All over its surface I lie to
gain my strength and wisdom!

What have we here?
A war of organics.
Products of stellar evolution.

The warp has created
such pointless creatures
and given unto them sentience.

I've come!
To see you be conquered!

Everything in this world is mine!

Burning sludge encompasses,
restoring peace and order.

Liberation of the essence that is life!

Filthy pointless human,
your words have fallen on deaf ears.
Fenris, to whom do you preach your claims?

Greedy, selfish, jealous meat-bags covered in bacteria ridden skin.

Last of my kind that survived the great fall!

Living in this warp like state
time has no meaning at all!

I came!
I saw!
and I too, Warmaster Fenris, have conquered!

But you and your kind are now long dead,
reverted to stardust while my journey has just begun!


I came, I saw, I conquered this world for honor!


I came, I saw, I conquered this star for knowledge!


I came, I saw, I conquered for I am worthy!


I came, I saw, I conquered this star for no one else but me!
Track Name: Welcome to the Warp